So I keep writing these blog posts, and they never develop into
anything longer than one/two paragraphs…

But as we approach the finish of our 2nd year as a camp I felt like I
should try again…

Golden Thread has developed rapidly in that time…not only holding our
own two major events (Art show/UnCon) but planning for such events as
IT and AIT , asissting with the upcoming NOTOCON. While not the
largest body in the country we are dedicated, not just our officers
but our members who are leading events, rituals, being involved in
both Mass and Inits. Just showing up and being there.

From welcoming the person thats new, to checking on the officers to
see if they need anything, we truly have formed a community.

We started in the tiny store from a land of meet & greets. With in the
1st year, we were looking for a larger space ( next time , can we not
move in December?) The move was worth it. We have a lovely space with
a library that many local bodies would love to have…

I walk into our Temple, the ever changing space. It is not stagnate it
changes as the body does. From Mass to class to rituals to hanging
out…the energy is flowing.

I guess what helps with this is the fact that we are a community first
of all. We strive to improve, we strive to be clear in our
communications with each other, we look for opportunities , we make
time for fun and silliness.

We’re not perfect, but every day we try and isn’t that really what can
be hoped for?

Even those of us who can’t remember which Liber something came from or
where Crowley was in what year…are welcomed.

May we continue as we have begun.

I look forward to the new developments in the next year…..


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