2016 Sagittarium Art Show

Golden Thread Camp, O.T.O. hosted its first Art Show! Both local artists and regional O.T.O. initiates mixed their genius together to bring you Sagittarium – A Celebration of Art as Magick.

At the show, there was a rainbowed variety of Artists and Artwork, a true expression of the golden sunlight of Tiphareth infused with the silvery moonlight of Yesod.

Thank you Daniel Stout, Kash Mira, Susan A. Nolan, Terry Belshazzar, Gary Ratkovich and Geoffrey Hogate for helping out and making this happen.

Also, thank you Linda Falorio, David Campbell, Coemgen Hamilton, Sam J. Hamilton, Laura Campbell, G.e. Farrell, Jessica Amelia, Kaitlin Hogate, Rhianon Lightner and Thomas Mosier. Your art and spirits are a wealth of inspiration. The Camp thanks you!

We generated over $1000 dollars for Golden Thread Camp, O.T.O. in one night!

It is a dream come true to see fellow artists have a place to share and express. The night was a total success. We had artists from multiple states, both initiates and locals, who shared their work. I had not even considered what to expect of how the show would manifest. Simply placing one foot in front of the other, I found myself in a room of Light and Love. I couldn’t have wished for a more fruitful outcome.

Here’s to the next Show!

Courtney Padrutt
Golden Thread Secretary
Art Show Director

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